ITERIS is a periodical art zine created by Collective Craft. Each edition invites a group of early-career and established artists to present original work which engages an area of discourse we have presented. The publication aims to stimulate speculation by presenting juxtapositions between works and narrating a visual discourse. Each edition is bookended by two events of engagement: a symposium and an exhibition. 


ITERIS:Symposium initiates critical discussion of the proposed topic by bringing together a panel of curators, theorists, and interdisciplinary authorities. The symposium is a platform for artists to ideate on a topic before undertaking an independent visual response. It represents the breeding ground for a deeper, more nuanced, visual approach that has a stake in a newly formed collective conscious. 

ITERIS:Opening is a gallery exhibition of the work presented by participating artists and the public launch of the zine. As a gallery event it is a vehicle for artists to contextualize themselves within the community, and it represents a departure point for the content of the zine within art media. 


The motivation behind ITERIS is to reanimate the power of ideas in contemporary art, and to cultivate conversations through a visual medium rather than text or other traditional formats of discourse. 


Our tentative program of topics include:

  1. Ego
  2. Sincerity
  3. Filter
  4. Primitive
  5. Ornament
  6. Copy 
  7. Realism
  8. Estrangement


Interested collaborators are encouraged to get in touch.

stay tuned!