Collective Craft, ReSolute Label, Essential, & Nightshift hosted a gallery party - Celestial Matter - at 240 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, running from 6am until midnight.

The crafts of many were involved, creating a multi-sensory experience of performance, music, food, drinks, and dancing. Food was provided by Tabare. Special musical performance by funky astro-soul band King Holiday, and incredible DJ sets throughout.

The line-up was provided by ReSolute Label featuring Inxec, Black Light Smoke, Elon + Special Guest, DJ Spun, Lauren Ritter, Bruno Gervais, Matias Jofre, Low Pitch Orchestra, MNMLKTCHN and many more.

The Celestial Matter environment featured sculpture, installation, painting, photography, and prints by emerging New York artists.

Project Allies


ReSolute Label



The Haiku Guys



King Holiday

Lindsay Keys

Daria Lombroso

Caroline Bergonzi

Phillip Cacciopo

Lorenzo Masnah

Rubens Ben

Bethany Robertson

Ashley Blanton

Jillian Siegel

Courtney McKenna

Ayakamay Komatsu

Caitlin McCauley

Juna Skenderi

Willard Morgan